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Case Study

Amazon Marketplace

Case: Pierre Cardin Leather Gloves

First Impressions are Everything

With only product photos to rely on, online shoppers use image quality and quantity as a benchmark for determining their purchases. Our end goal is to quickly capture the buyer’s attention through enhanced visuals that highlight the product’s best features. As seen with our Pierre Cardin Leather Gloves, lighting is key to displaying every detail and preserving the product’s craftsmanship.

  1. amazon-after
  2. amazon-before

Maximizing Amazon Conversion

After shooting we noticed that the original composition was dull, flat and underwhelming. We concluded that the image needed more depth, by intensifying the light source, and shooting each glove individually then combining it in post production.  These elements helped better represent the glove’s angles, boosted color tones and created a polished rounded edge.

The Benefits of Shooting On White

  • Meet all marketplace requirements in one shot
  • Cleaner finish
  • The product is the center of attention
  • We can easily change the background color in post-production
  • No distractions
  1. 2Q-2-2
  2. before-pierre

Color Correcting

By shooting our images raw we can better match the exact color of the product. All photos are edited with the product directly in front of us, providing more leverage in adjusting tone, saturation, highlights, and shadows.


This is the step which many photographers unfortunately skip. Our retouch team devotes extra time and attention to perfecting every image by tweaking the exposure, contrast, shadow and lighting. We make sure to bring every detail to life!

Cropping and Resizing

We make sure to follow Amazon’s exact dimensions (1200 px by 1200 px) and resize accordingly. This eliminates any unnecessary white space above and below the product resulting in a cleaner more attention grabbing image.

Enhancing Your Amazon Listing

A+ And Enhanced Brand Content

Enhanced Brand Content: Seller Central & A+ Pages Vendor Central listings are a new feature available to manufacturers looking to enhance their product page. It entails an added section for images, descriptions, and multimedia resulting in improved SEO. With the help of an A+ listing, we can increase product sales an average 3 to 10%. To better sell the product we will take exclusive lifestyle photos as seen in our page for Zen 5.

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